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TRION Package Complete

Published: January 1, 2020

The TrionTM on-site solution is a 3-stage Reverse Osmosis and De-ionisation Reach & Wash® system. TrionTM is powerful enough to deliver pure water to one or more waterfed poles, so that multiple operators can clean at the same time. TrionTM requires a water supply and mains power supply, and it’s booster pump provides enough power for a steady supply of water up to 80ft. It’s ideal for a range of applications where access is limited,
including courtyards, rooftop and atrium cleaning, as well as use in combination with cradles and rope access.

Package includes,

  • Trion Three Stage RO System
  • Hydra Carbon Fibre 24ft Pole complete
  • 100m Ionic Powdered Coated Steel Reel
  • Lead Hose
  • TDS Meter


Last updated: January 1 2020

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