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Test and Tag 2Go Melbourne Geelong and Surfcoast

Published: September 21, 2019

An important part of any business, is to inspect and electrically, carry out a test to ensure that users of the electrical tooling and appliances are safe to do so.

Eliminating risk in the work place is paramount, as risk management should identify the possibility if you don’t carry out checking and test and tagging. Then in your workshop, kitchens, factories, offices, it could open up possibilities for failures and injury.

The team at Test and Tag 2go and Ionic Systems Australia will when items are in for repair and service carry out a thorough inspection and tag your appliance, with our recently new trained staff.

Located in Williamstown North, we have a convenient location to service Melbourne Western Suburbs. Items bought to our warehouse will be priced more favorability as we can accomplish the Test and Tag procedure in our workshop. Our team will travel to your location to also carry out inspections at a convenient time with your business.

Top Steps to Consider about electrical safety

  1. Having your equipment tested by accredited trained people, will establish early and current failures in appliances, tooling and other electrical equipment. Customers will be then able to organize repairs or seek new replacement equipment before an incident could possibly happen.
  2. Having procedures and protocol in place allow business, to keep up to date and be proactive with compliance. Identifying issues before they happen, or removing appliance that are in poor condition, will make a better work place. Have you ever asked your insurance company if there was a claim what are your requirements, that needed to be in place prior?
  3. Interruption to work flow is not what any small or large business wants. Finding faults that can be rectified, or purchasing new tooling and appliances keeps work environments flowing. Test and tag identify such potential failures, and faults and allows implantation.
  4. Residual Current Devices (RCD), are there to protect. Regular testing to ensure that when you might need these, that they work.
  5. Work environments and places differ dramatically. Regulatorily requirements has put restrictions on different trades, and environments. Times between inspections will be reflected by risk and are set in guidelines that we can advise according.

If you are in Geelong and or the Surfcoast, don’t panic. Test and Tag2go also covers this area. Items can be tested during the week or bought to our location on a weekend in Torquay.  For more information about our service, or to get in touch Ph 1300 88 45 66

Last updated: May 25 2021

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