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SoftWash Equipment Australia- New Ways to Softwash

Published: March 16, 2019

Need SoftWash in Australia, we can start with single components, to complete systems. Take a look at some of our products – SoftWash Online

A new way to clean. Reduce your overspray with direct foam injection. Reach heights by application. Shoot from the ground with a 12v, 24v, or petrol-powered pump. Extended reach with high-reach application poles. Softwashing has just become safer with Blue Tongue Industries and Ionic Systems Australia. A full range of skids, systems, or parts. An Australian Softwash system is not complete without the right chemicals. Here at Blue Tongue Industries, we have developed the best range at the best pricing to keep you working smart, not harder.

Softwash is made simple with the Xjet. A venturi injector system and simple that will allow the application of cleaning solutions to both flat and verticle surfaces.

Looking after number one when in an application process. Reducing overspray when reaching heights.

See the complete picture– This will direct you to the cleaning candy store 🙂 at Blue Tongue Industries

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Last updated: July 5 2023

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