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Thermion – Softwash and Weed Control Ionic Systems

Published: February 12, 2019

Softwash is heralded the next big thing to follow Reach and wash in the world of window cleaning

Thermion is an environmentally friendly pure-water based SoftWashing system that kills algae, moss and even weeds without bleach, Sodium Hypochlorite or in the case of weeds, Glyphosate. Thermion is available as a standalone product or can be added as an upgrade to any brand waterfed pole system.

Softwash is big in America but has been here in Australia for the last thirty years. In simple terms low pressure exterior cleaning to remove algae and dirt from render, weatherboards and other building exterior surfaces, using bleach and sodium hypochlorite. Previous methods over the years saw operators batch mixing these chemicals. The core ingredient bleach and sodium hypochlorite is diluted and sprayed onto the area to be cleaned. The mixture is allowed to dwell and then rinsed with lower pressures than pressure cleaning directly, to leave a surface that has been cleaned of algae, moss and lichen. Operators trying to direct run off and capture water, but inevitable, that some does find its way into water sources, but remembering that it is biodegradable.

Operators always face adverse weather conditions with wind and the reality that the mixtures atomise as it is dispersed over large distances. The smell can be overpowering and operators have an option to add fragrances to disguise the smell of bleach. Detergents know as surfactants can also be added to the mixtures, that help change surface tensions and basically make water wetter allowing increased dwell times for chemicals to react.

To learn more about the comfortably and the way Ionic wants this cleaning method adapted to a new environmental approach. See the launch in London March 2019 at the Cleaning Show.

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