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SoftWash Alternatives – Being Kind to the Environment

Published: October 3, 2016

Cladding Cleaning. Ionic Systems compares 3 methods cleaning baked on Algae

Do you as an operator with external facade cleaning need options. Come home each day smelling like an over chlorinated swimming pool. What does this do to you and all those around. What are the long term health effects ? What are we doing to our environment. Stand strong and think out side the square with Softwashing.

Might it take a little longer ? Would you be less worried all round ? Less risk and easier controls with water management and the environmental protection agency.

Reduce over spray, work smarter and adding heat are key factors to Ionic Systems and there way of thinking. Rather than apply application to the direct job you are working on and have the wind and breeze carry mist hundreds of meters away landing on all, just Soft Wash Smart.

Enjoy the short presentation, and think beyond large quantities of chemical.

Learn more about Softwash at www.ionicsystems.com.au

Last updated: May 19 2020

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