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THERMOWASH – Hot Softwash and Pure Water Combined Cleaning system from Ionic Systems

Published: September 6, 2019


ThermoWash is a superior Softwash System from Pure2o Ltd manufactured in the UK, to suit environments prone to mould, mildew and dirt grime..

Climate affects our choice of building materials, and therefore type and degree of soiling, algae and biofilm infestations that adhere to them. Not only are buildings different, the space between them changes significantly too. Differences in our working practices, environmental regulations and the type of commercial vehicles companies drive gloablly differs, and it becomes easy to understand why these things should affect your choice of Softwashing System.

The UK climate is cooler and wetter therefore most build in brick, concrete and stone with render finishes, by comparison plastic coated timber buildings are much easier to clean. It’s also fair to say that the style of building of North American homes requires more regular cleaning and is driven by the desire to present a clean home particularly at thanksgiving and in the Spring. In the UK the desire to clean a properties exterior is usually driven by the desire to sell, or by the new owner especially in Spring when conservatories and patios receive a good clean. In summary UK property owners have their windows cleaned regularly and building exteriors less regularly, Window Cleaning is the primary service that pays the best, but add on services such as gutters, fascias, barge boards, cladding, facades, conservatories, decking pathways and patio’s can add significantly to a window cleaners profits. In Australia we again have huge differences from North to South. This affects such growth as mould and mildew, prone to Australian northern regions during summer’s wet season, and in reverse the colder wetter winters in southern Australia.

Reassuringly, Pure2o’s ThermoWash system is primarily a Pure Water Window Cleaning System with a 9 kilowatt heater that Doubles as a superior chemical saving, more environmentally friendly Softwash System. This compact space saving machine delivers excellent Window Cleaning results and due to the addition of heat to super-charge your chosen cleaning solution, also delivers the very best softwashing results whilst also saving time and money spent on expensive chemical products.

The ThermoWash gives the operator the ability to draw upto four separate chemicals or detergents, and set the chemical mixes at the preferred strength for the specified application.  

The chemicals are mixed inline with the pure water after the pump, so no chemicals come into contact with the pump, so there is no need for flushing with water to remove chemical.

All other Softwash systems use cold water, often the water is drawn from the mains supply. Firstly, the chemical has to overcome minerals in the water, therefore more chemical than necessary is used, particularly in hard water areas. During the colder months and especially when heavy soilage is encountered the answer is always to add more chemical which then leads to more neutraliser, time and water for rinsing and ultimately more cost.

In low winter temperatures some chemicals are practically dormant and hardly work at all. For every 10c of heat the effectiveness of chemicals typically used for softwashing is doubled. ThermoWash easily achieves the optimum temperature of 55-60c and therefore the effectiveness of pure water and heat combined with the right chemical for the task delivers superior results with less chemical at lower cost and in less time with significantly less risk to the environment.

Along with Ionic’s Thermion system, Pure2o’s ThermoWash system are the only crash tested softwash systems sold, that come with a ‘pass’ certificate from the testing facility, in this case Thatcham Research. When you consider that softwashing systems use harsh chemicals its doubly important to know that the machine fitted behind your seat has passed the international FMVSS-208 crash test standard. Remember all cars older than three years must be MOT tested, the only cars worth buying however come with a certificate to prove that they actually passed!

Learn more about ThermoWash at www.ionicsystems.com.au

Last updated: September 7 2019

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