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Trion a Reverse Osmosis Systems for more than just Window Cleaning

Published: October 14, 2020

The release of the Trion in early 2020 from Ionic Systems has seen this small but powerful and efficient reverse osmosis system make a big splash into the Cleaning and Window Cleaning industry. The little brother of the QuattRO has the same powerhouse that has driven these systems over the last 15 years.

What makes a good Reverse Osmosis System? Portable, lightweight, efficient, low running costs, maximum water production. The Trion is built like other Ionic Systems products, from the highest grade stainless steel. The wheels and trolley are very robust and have added features of pressure gauge and hour meter.

Efficiency is most important with water purification. Pumped or unpumped is a question that you may be asking if looking for a pure water cleaning filtration system. Reverse Osmosis filtration is heavily dependant on system pressure. The Trion operates at 120psi and this ensures the effectiveness of the maximum operation of the RO filter membrane. Having good systems pressures allows water to be forced through the RO membrane and system flushing to be carried out with optimal flows and pressures to rinse away particulates that get caught in the membrane. An RO filter does 95 to 98% of the work in any RO system and the specifications of the Ionic Trion have been matched perfectly. A 15 inch high-grade carbon as pre-filter, and 15 inch DI resin filter for final polish completes the pure water system. In hard water areas adding a water prefilter or Softener will remove harmful calcium and lime and prevent RO membrane early failures.

We mentioned window cleaning, and the combination of this system with Ionic, Reach and Wash techniques will have you leaving the exterior of your home or business windows, spot free. Cleaning like a professional will be easy, having the best window cleaner tools with the ability within the range of waterfed poles from Ionic Systems Australia to reach to 65ft or 18.5 meters if required. Need to go beyond this, with rope access, then easy. This unit weighs in at 35kgs and will allow two operators to carry out rope access water fed pole window, facade, and building cleaning.

Throughout Australia and globally, Ionic Systems and the Trion, has changed and is changing many industries. We are seeing commercial builders install these systems as variable options in new home builds. From chemical manufacture, metal plating, car boat truck, and caravan cleaning and detailing. Ionic systems have a Pure Water Cleaning systems to suit your needs.


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Last updated: October 15 2020

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