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Trion from Ionic Systems Reach and Wash

Published: December 19, 2019

The TrionTM on-site solution is a 3-stage Reverse Osmosis and De-ionisation Reach & Wash® system. TrionTM is powerful enough to deliver pure water to one or more water-fed poles, so that multiple operators can clean at
the same time. TrionTM requires a water supply and mains power supply, and it’s boosted pump provides enough power for a steady supply of water up to 80ft. It’s ideal for a range of applications where access is limited, including courtyards, rooftop and atrium cleaning, as well as use in combination with cradles and rope access.

TrionTM is a compact yet powerful point of use system, capable of producing up to 6 liters of pure water per minute, bringing the benefits of spot-free cleaning to a wide range of applications. Incorporating a powerful (240V (or 110V) mains-electric pump, TrionTM can supply pure water to multiple water-fed poles even when water pressure is relatively low. TrionTM incorporates a highly efficient 40” reverse osmosis membrane, as well De-ionisation and Carbon filters. It’s capable of producing pure water economically, even when the local water is hard.

On-site building maintenance teams also use TrionTM for in-house window and façade cleaning duties as well as spot-free car washing. Lightweight and easy to transport, TrionTM can be taken almost anywhere making it a truly  flexible and versatile system with many uses.

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Last updated: May 25 2021

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