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V4 ThermoPure, unleash the beast in window & exterior cleaning

Published: October 21, 2020

The next step essential for your window & exterior cleaning equipment. Introducing the V4 “Beauty Mate” from Ionic Systems.

Why not increase efficiency, productivity within your business structure? Therefore, with a capability ranging from window & exterior cleaning, soft-washing to chemical injection sanitization accompaniment. Removing building grime, oil, fuel, and carbon emissions the V4 will leave you working smarter and not harder.

The V4™ Thermopure fills the gap between the Zero™ with 0PPB water quality and Ionic’s cold water V4™. The V4™ signifies version four of the original Reach & Wash® system. With the V4™ Thermopure, you get the advantage of hot water. In the past, if you wanted hot water, your only option was the Ionic HotBox™.

What works better cold or hot water in cleaning?

The answer, V4™ Thermopure.

The V4 Thermopure™ now comes in one great-looking, space-saving package, like the more expensive Zero™ at a more affordable price.

The all-stainless steel construction will remain corrosion-free. Our extensive crash-testing proving our systems will outlast your vehicles many times over. This makes Ionic Systems the most cost-effective choice.

Just like the standard V4™, the Thermopure™ version can be configured with boosted fill and a range of automation features to suit your individual needs and price point.

Having the best window & exterior cleaning equipment is just the start, presentation is a major step towards a successful business. Considering, franchising or multiple business models? Ionic Systems can accommodate. Van-mounted equipment will allow you to be ready to clean when you arrive onsite and tank sizes up to 1000 litres you will be able to keep multiple operators working hour after hour.

Other genres outside window cleaning include:

  • Facade building cleaning.
  • Signage cleaning.
  • Vehicle, car, bus, truck, and caravan detailing.
  • Marine aquarium water changes.
  • Solar panel cleaning.

Upgrade your business today, or ask about franchise business opportunities, with or without finance options. Ionic Systems, Reach & Wash, built for life and designed to outlast your business.


Last updated: May 31 2021

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