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Water Fed Poles with Accessories – Window Cleaning

Published: January 23, 2019

Water fed poles with multiple applications and functions have been key focus for Ionic systems. Window Cleaning equipment needs to be adaptive to allow an operators to take on many challenges.

The development of Ionic water fed poles over the last 20 years has set some big achievements for design. The recent release of the Vertigo and Protector Range has set new key features never seen before.

2017 was The Reach & Wash® Systems 20th anniversary so Ionic’s released a pole to celebrate, introducing not one but two new pole ranges, PROTECTOR-TM and VERTIGO-TM.
The all new VERTIGO-TM features new clamps to reduce wear, quick change brush head design, water through angle crank (so no more external hoses to snag), pole handle water shut-off, quick connect hose and a new water delivery system to ensure 100% reaches the glass. In all six patent protected features to enhance your work experience and reduce time on the job have been included.

Ionic’s new PROTECTOR-TM is the only waterfed pole in the world to conform to the internationally respected British Standard BS:8020 for hand tools that may come into contact with electricity.
BS:8020 is the specification for insulating hand tools for work on or near conductor rail systems operating at voltages up to up to 1000 V a.c. or 1500 V d.c. Also see IEC 60855 and EN 50508:2011. This is the first waterfed pole to address the electrocution risk that has resulted in severe burns and even fatalities to Window Cleaners. This is particularly important when cleaning photovoltaic solar panels.
The PROTECTOR- TM pole handle is a safety focussed option that can be added to Ionic’s new (Vertigo), and existing (Grafter, Glyder, Swift) ranges of waterfed poles, in place of the standard handle section. The PROTECTORTM enables you to have all the benefits of Ionic’s award winning waterfed poles with added protective safety features.

Key focus from Ionic Systems Reach and Wash has always been water dispersal onto the glass. The development over the last 20 years has seen two pencil jets deliver this. The amount of water that these disperse is enormous. Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic glass cleaned with ease. The Quattro, X5 and Van mounts alike with there 240v/12v pumps makes window cleaning faster and easier. The precise excustion of the water is paramount when cleaning not to allow water run off from frames or splashing that may drip onto the glass when finished.

Further development of the window washing tools and apparatus has seen again the Vertigo take flight. The recent launch into Aviation and job specific tasks has released further new products. The features of the current quick change brushes both double trim and flagged have now been accompanied with pad holders. These particular items again quick change allow the fitment of microfiber pads both long and short, but not forgetting scotchbrite and bronze wool with water dispersal jets, rinse bars both overhead and internal.

Having one pole that does all is very important. Traditional window cleaning still plays a big part in both residential and commercial cleaning. High access internal window can often still provide challenges. The vertigo is new equipped with quick change adaptors that allow fitting squeegees like Moerman direct to the pole. The Ultimate FLIQ assemble works fantastically, and the combination of having carbon and high modulus carbon poles that can be used this way for traditional squeegee window washing tools gives great user experience.

It is going to be an exciting year for Ionic Systems in all different genre. The new launched Aviation market, Car detailing and washing, Bus and Truck cleaning accessories, have us set and busy for the next 10 years.

Like to know more about any products contact us today. We have service representatives and sales across all Australian states. Direct sales can be found in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney and with head office in Melbourne. Get in touch today Ph: 1300 88 45 66 or visit us at www.ionicsystems.com.au

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