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What is the right skyVac™ Wet & Dry Gutter Clearing Machine for me?

Published: April 2, 2020

skyVac™ offer a comprehensive range of professional high-level gutter cleaning machines for safe and effective gutter cleaning, without the need for ladders.  From the compact and lightweight skyVac™ Atom through to the ultra-powerful and mobile skyVac™ Interceptor with on board motor, whatever your gutter clearance requirements, we have the perfect model for you.

To help guide you through the range, we’ve summarised the key gutter cleaning features by model, added Expert opinion from our demonstration specialist Rob, along with a clear comparison table

skyVac™ Atom Overview:

Compact yet incredibly powerful, the skyVac™ Atom is a great all round domestic and commercial vacuum.  Small enough to fit in a family car and light enough to carry, the skyVac™ Atom can reach up to 3 – 3.5 stories in height and is capable of clearing moderate to heavy gutter debris.  Ideal for the homeowner, or external cleaning professional looking to offer additional services, this handy wet and dry vacuum is perfect for maintenance cleans on small to mid-sized properties.  The blow function is also a great addition for blasting tenacious pine needles out of gutters.

The entry model in the SkyVac™ family, the Atom delivers 3800 litres per minute air flow thanks a 1600-Watt motor capable of lifting weights up to 3 kilos.  Easily portable, the system is mounted on castors for manoeuvrability and has a 35-litre capacity.   For operator ease, the powerful system features 44mm diameter light weight carbon fibre poles.

Ask the expert: 

A skyVac™ best seller and customer favourite, the Atom is a great all-rounder for the homeowner and commercial cleaning provider.  Ideal for new business start-ups or existing businesses looking to expand their service offering, the affordable skyVac™ Atom is a great way to trial and start earning through gutter cleaning.  Compact and portable, it’s great for properties with restricted access and at 8 Kilos can be carried from the car or van where parking is a challenge, or even through the property itself!  If you are looking for fast payback and solid gutter cleaning results, the skyVac™ Atom won’t disappoint!

skyVac™ Commercial Overview:

For everyday gutter cleaning, the skyVac™ Commercial features a host of specialist design features for the efficient removal of light through to stubborn gutter growth in domestic and commercial properties.  Ideal for gutter cleaning professionals, the skyVac™ Commercial delivers 7166 litres per minute air flow, 2600-Watts of power and is capable of lifting 3.5-4kilos in weight, thanks to its two powerful motors.  The 72-litre drum features a side glide entry to eliminate blockages and is mounted on a tipping chassis for easy emptying. 

The mid-range model in the SkyVac™ family, the Commercial features 44mm diameter carbon fibre suction poles and can reach up to 4 stories in height.

Ask the Expert: 

A significant step up from the Atom, the skyVac™ Commercial is a sound investment for the committed gutter cleaning service provider.  With two powerful motors, this mid-range is incredibly versatile, able to swiftly and effectively work through daily maintenance cleans as well as stubborn gutter blockages.  Its sleek design, large 72 litre capacity and mobile trolley system ensure it looks the part too.  The skyVac™ Commercial offers fast and efficient results to maximise earning opportunities and minimise time spent on the job.

skyVac™ Industrial 85 Overview:

Super Clean Gutters using the skyVac Industrial 85

Engineered specifically for professional gutter cleaning, the skyVac™ Industrial 85 features three powerful engines, for exceptional suction and the efficient removal of even the most stubborn of gutter challenges up to four stories in height.  Housed on an all-terrain trolley for mobility, with a tilting chassis for ease of emptying, the skyVac™ Industrial 85 features side glide entry to eliminate blockages along with two power settings for everyday and stubborn gutter clearance.  The ultra-light weight skyVac™ 50mm Elite poles with Vac release cuff (patent pending) allows the operator to control suction remotely from the vacuum.  Ideal for all property types, from small domestic to large commercial premises, and all gutter clearance conditions, the skyVac™ Industrial is a fast and effective system.

The professional gutter clearing model in the SkyVac™ family, the Industrial 85 delivers an impressive 8000 litres per minute air flow and 3300-Watt output (3 x 1100-Watt motors).  The immense suction power produced can lift 5 kilos in weight whilst its 78-litre steel drum provides ample space for gutter debris. 

The Industrial comes with the SkyVac™ Elite carbon fibre poles, boasting the lightest weight to size ratio on the gutter cleaning market.  These unique poles have a 50mm diameter for greater capacity (vs 44mm diameter of Atom / Commercial.)  The vac release cuff gives allows the operator complete control of the suction power all from the base of the pole.

Ask the expert: 

A favourite amongst gutter cleaning professionals, the skyVac™ Industrial is the world’s most powerful mains powered gutter cleaning machine. Boasting immense suction (150-inch water lift), it effectively removes debris from properties up to 4 stories, via high capacity 50mm skyVac™ Elite poles.  The high velocity waste enters the skyVac™ Industrial 78 litre drum via a side glide system that creates a vortex and eliminates blockages.  Fast, powerful and mobile, our social media feed is full of examples of seemingly impossible gutter clearance projects made simple.  For the dedicated gutter cleaning professional looking for unrivalled performance, reliability and to maximise earning opportunities, the skyVac™ Industrial is the sound investment.

skyVac™ Interceptor Overview:

Calum Hoade of DMS ashbourne using the skyVac Interceptor

For total mobility, the skyVac™ Interceptor with on board Honda engine, is the ultimate professional gutter clearance system.  Modelled on the successful skyVac™ Industrial model, the Interceptor features upgrades that offer the user the freedom and ability to operate without the need for mains power or a generator.  Mounted on an all-terrain chassis, the skyVac™ Interceptor delivers an exceptional 150 inches water lift, capable of lifting 5.5 kilos in weight and is the World’s first independent gutter clearance machine.  For ease of emptying, the 90 Litre capacity drum is fitted with a drain hose to drain water, whilst a tipping chassis (and optional sieve basket) enables solid matter can be easily removed.  With the added blow function making it ideal for removing stubborn pine needles, the skyVac™ Interceptor is the complete independent “go anywhere” complete gutter clearance system.

Top of the range, the SkyVac™ Interceptor delivers 8000 litres per minute air flow thanks a 5.5 Horsepower petrol engine (equivalent 3600-Watt motor) with a 90-litre capacity.  The skyVac™ 50mm Elite poles with vac release cuff come as standard with this model.

Ask the expert: 

Simply start and go; the complete solution!  Ideal for large scale projects, the on-board engine offers the freedom to operate continuously without the hazard of trailing cables or the inconvenience of stopping to move generators from site to site.  The SkyVac™ Interceptor allows a single operator to power through gutter clearance on big developments such as Industrial buildings, housing complexes or factories for unrivalled results in minimum time.  

So, what’s the right SkyVac™ for you?

Just like most things in life, there are no hard and fast rules.  The right SkyVac™ for you is the one that suits your unique business requirements and your preferences.   There are several factors to consider in your purchase decision, such as access, transport, frequency of use, property types and scale along with power source.  That’s not forgetting, of course, budget.  Whatever your decision, investing in the right SkyVac™ will compliment and support the growth and earning opportunities for your business.

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skyVac™ Gutter Cleaning Model Specifications at a Glance.

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