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Why Your Home or Business Needs a SKYVAC™ ATOM!

Published: October 19, 2020

Why every home and business need a skyVac™ Atom!

A global bestseller and is loved across different genres which we will mention. Gutter cleaning services, trades, and homeowners, a great must-have tool. The skyVac™ Atom is a small but powerful, wet and dry vacuum that is capable of doing an amplitude of tasks around any home or business.

Windows cleaner can up sell or add a new genre

If you are carrying out a window cleaning service, the bonus addition of offering gutter and spout cleaning while you are at a property, is a win win for both the customer and your business, if you while on site can offer a favourable price.

The Atom lightweight with 1600w single motor and airflow at 3800lpm, with a surprising 110 inch water lift. Carbon pole kit sizes come in 6m 9m and 10.5 m reach with lightweight 44mm vacuum tubes. Great with easy access to those hard to get places, but light enough to take onto roofing to clean out box gutters alike.

Gutter Cleaning with SkyVac Atom

DIY Gutter cleaning and Vacuuming without ladders for Homeowners

You could be homeowners that like us all in this day and world like to tackle jobs around your home. You could have certain trees that may be deciduous or like our mighty Australian gum trees require multiple cleans per year. Its a fair call and a gutter cleaning service can cost “on average” $200 to $400 and done right is a service that is rewarded to the provider, and the customer has had a great experience with the service technician, and to be left with clean guttering.

Cleaning gutters, downpipes, drains, removes the potential of water damage, but ever so as a growing concern in our Australian environment reduce the risk with bushfire season.

For Property Owners that want MORE

Don’t just think Gutter Cleaning with the Atom SkyVac. The assortment of tooling that comes as standard, with this vacuum cleaner will allow it to be used everywhere around your home. From vacuuming floors to picking up leaves around your garden. This little vacuum will also allow you to vacuum your car, boat, truck, or even suck out your water feature or pond. So the atom will be your new best friend in your garage, workshop, or home.

Home Owners need the Ultimate Vacuum

Internal High-Level Cleaning.

Reaching height and cleaning safely comes hand in hand with the Atom and SkyVac. Taking your vacuum inside and targeting high level dusting and vacuuming can now be done also. An assortment of tooling and attachment is available, including carbon fiber goosenecks. Your Atom comes with a handy use general round brush to tackle such tasks with dust at height.

So, for day to day cleaning and maintenance either indoor or outdoor, as a property owner, or as a cleaning service provider, the skyVac™ Atom is a great little investment with a big payback.


See pricing at www.ionicsystems.com.au

Cleaned by Falcon using the skyVac Atom

Last updated: October 19 2020

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