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Window Cleaning Australia Wide from our own Ionic Systems Customers

Published: January 30, 2018

Window Cleaning at its best from the end users at Ionic Systems Australia.

We are happy to announce that we want to give back to our customers and there for offer services Australia wide. We often get asked -“Do you clean windows ?”. We can happily say “No” but all our great customers Australia wide are able to give you the service that we would with the best Ionic Systems equipment available.

On the initial roll out we would target Commercial and Residential Window Cleaning, Solar Panel Cleaning services, but not forgetting Gutter Cleaning and Vacuuming.

Customers will be able to request services online and then we can place the order with the best suited operator in there area.  This will also allow corporations on a national level to request a service nationally and be assured that the jobs will able to be accomplished. It will reduce costs of services from smaller companies traveling in and out of an area and directing the works to suitably qualified cleaning companies that can carry out the requested Window Washing, Solar Panel Cleaning, and Gutter Vacuuming.

For more information if you would like to get your Commercial or Residential cleaning needs met, or if you are unsure that you are resisted with us at Ionic Systems to provide the services, contact us directly.

Ph: 1300 88 45 66

E: info@ionicsystems.com.au


Last updated: November 3 2019

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