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Window Cleaning Supplies – Water Fed Brushes with Great New Features- Ionic Systems

Published: February 2, 2019

Since the release of the later generation of water fed poles from Ionic System , the development of the accessories and features has not stopped. Window cleaning supplies we take seriously, after a customer purchases equipment.

Just released to accompany the Protector range of water fed poles that have British Standards approval for tooling working with or near electricity. These poles have features and insulation that help protect operators up to 1000vac and 1500vdc. This is ideally suited for solar panel cleaning, and improving safety around power line tasks. This pole along with the standard Vertigo have new and exciting plug and play features.

Newly released brushes with feature Spray Bars either with Pencil Jets or Fan Jets giving window cleaning operators choice. The Brushes are still quick change, with the tubeless head design previously seen. A detachable lead hose makes this pole easy and neat to store. You can see more about the Vertigo pole range here.

Moerman quick tool adaptors are also now available. Making your window cleaning pole water fed pole now able to do traditional work with squeegees, both internal and external on commercial and residential properties.

There is still more to come with new attachment being developed, making this the most universal pole available.

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Last updated: February 2 2019

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