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Window Cleaning Training, the Master Class from Ionic Systems with Classroom Equipment Theory and Practical Training.

Published: August 26, 2017

The last few weeks Ionic Systems UK Managing Director Reuben Reynolds and the Australian Team, once again have covered many kilometers.

We have just recently conducted two major structured events both in Sydney and Melbourne, where the founders of Pure Water Fed Pole Cleaning conducted with Ionic Systems Australia structured window and solar panel cleaning information and training events. The two planned events both in Sydney and Melbourne have been an amazing success. People, companies and business have traveled from all parts of Australia to attend.

Gordon from Ionic Systems stated it has been along time coming to conduct classroom and practical training on all aspects of water fed poles, usage and safety. The companies and business have learnt a great deal about filtration and how to run an efficient window and solar cleaning structured business.

The event has coincided with many inquiries in regards to solar panel cleaning both domestic, commercial and solar farms. With the talk and price rises in electricity and government incentives, the development of new solar farms has generated a lot of interest in our products Gordon said.

Both events had similar structure, and discussed was an array of systems from portable to vehicle mounted and static window and solar cleaning equipment and supplies. The journey of pure water development, and cleaning, as well as getting an understand of water quality, composition, maintenance and on going running costs. The information has given business the opportunity to excel in there industry and dominate there sector.

Ionic systems also had on hand, in both locations there new introduction of the Vortex Gutter Vacuum systems and kits. This has been a popular new addition and gives the window cleaning sector the ability to diversify through the cooler months of the year. Internal window cleaning was also discussed, with the release of  Moerman Group’s new range into Australia. Moerman founded in 1885 has lead the way with window cleaning squeegee sets, the FLIQ, Combinator, Excelerator and Liquidator 2.0 Channels now gives operators and users speed and agility both on lower and high windows.

Look out for upcoming roadshows next into your area. For more information and such training please contact the Australian office on the following Ph 1300 88 45 66.



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