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Window cleaners call Zero the best at pure water cleaning.

Published: February 23, 2016

Window Cleaners all over Australia are moving to The Zero™ System for the most efficient pure water cleaning system.

Zero™, Ionic’s most popular system is proving to be more valuable for businesses than ever before.

Most window cleaners have a pretty good idea of what their ideal pure water cleaning system would be. Aside the choices of tank size and vehicle, the actual system itself is the most carefully considered choice. Zero™, Ionic’s flagship system launched 2014 has become a firm favourite with window cleaners everywhere…


Yet in truth, water fed poles systems are not magic wands and both cleaners and customers alike sometimes experience windows left with less than perfect results.

Ionic System’s new ‘Zero’ produces ultra pure water at zero parts per billion (0ppb) and that represents the gold standard.

Water at 0ppb is, one thousand times more pure than water at 0ppm. The fact that pure water cleans by dissolving dirt ions, it follows that water at 0ppb is capable of dissolving 1,000 times more dirt than water of 0ppm.

Other pure water cleaning systems remove only dissolved solids from the water supply. Uniquely the Zero removes both dissolved solids and all organics as well as bacteria from the water supply. The result is water that is 1,000 times more pure. The result is also ultra-pure water that is free from micro-organisms such as ‘legionella’ bacteria and the organic matter that bacteria feeds upon. A significant benefit is that bio-film cannot form upon the surface of filter media or the RO membrane. That means that filters maintain day one performance which in turn means lower running costs.

As well as the superior cleaning power of 0ppb ultra pure water (also known as 18 MΩ or 18 Meg water) the Zero so much more.

To learn more visit the Zero™ product page or Download a copy of the brochure.

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